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The Hybrid War In Practice: Towards the Destabilization of Southern Africa?

Connecting The Three Pieces Each of the three forces described above have their own specific uses in the US’ destabilization template against Zimbabwe, but on their own, they’re insufficient to [...]

Community Survey 2016 results

Media Release                                                                                                 30 June 2016 Community Survey 2016 results The population of South Africa has [...]

Self-enrichment supersedes “serving the people” hence the rise of stomach political killings:

Poor votes: Politicians knows very well that without the poor vote, they are very much poor themselves. Unfortunately until the masses learn that without accountability, there’s no reason for [...]

AUC Chairperson Dr.

AUC Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma emphasises the importance to celebrate the determination of women around the world for equal rights and have their voices heard Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, [...]